Corporate Law

Professional, Thorough and Informed.

Our business law practice represents health care, car dealerships, wineries, breweries, manufacturing and restaurants, advising on corporate, M&A, tax, human resources and the navigation of all employment related issues. 

We understand the importance of your business and its relationship to you.  The best laid plans begin with a proper foundation.  Our experienced attorneys can advise a proper corporate structure and undertake the filings to begin a successful life for your business. 

As your organization grows, we understand the complex employee related issues that can grow with it.  We understand growth patterns and unfortunately conflict.  Dispute resolution is the primary goal, whether internal or external. 

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and complex negotiations require a careful eye and a keen attention to detail.  Review of complex documents require experience and patience.  Zoning compliance, taxes, licenses and intellectual property are all fundamental considerations and are often overlooked in business planning. 

A thorough review of your businesses legal “pulse” is paramount.  If you are currently being sued, it’s too late. 

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